Quick tips

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🔎 Search before you post: Before you create a new post, search to see if your question is already out there.

💬 Be descriptive: Include screen shots and as many details as you can when asking questions or providing an answer (without exposing sensitive data). The more details you provide, the better the Community will be able to help you.

💡 Answer: Browse the Community and help other users by providing solutions and suggestions to their questions. You can mark answers as Insightful if you find them helpful.

🎖️ Earn points: Earn points and badges by participating! (See: Earning Badges & Community points)

🤩 Use the reactions: These let you share how you feel about others' comments. The most liked content shows up on the 'Best Of' page .

📬 Mention others: Put an @ symbol before the username to mention someone. They’ll get notified when you do.

🔔 Update your notification preferences: You’ll receive a notification if someone mentions you or posts to a discussion that you’ve bookmarked. Set your notifications from the 'Edit Profile' page.

📨 Send messages: You can privately message members by going to your inbox or visiting their profile page (click their username anywhere)

Note: Only available to members who earn the Community Champion rank and above.

📱 Mobile access: Check out the forum from your mobile phone. Just go to the forum URL in your browser - no app download needed.

🎥 Embed multimedia content: Want to embed a YouTube video, a Pinterest Pin, or a Tweet? Just paste in the link.

🔍 Explore the Activity page: Check out what’s going on with other community members on the 'Activity' page.