Star ratings as a screening mechanism

RoryDunne Member Posts: 2 Together Newcomer 🌟

Hi Thomas community. Curious about your take on using Perform star ratings as a screening mechanism. Whilst it's a hugely effective way of ranking candidates, I think being too inflexible with how you apply it may cause issues in recruitment. Below are my thoughts. Any comments let me know

Thomas’ star rating functionality is a highly effective way to evaluate candidates for a given role. However, to start out I would not recommend setting inflexible ‘cut off’ points (i.e. ‘we will only interview candidates who score higher than four stars). This is for a few reasons:

  1. If there is a lack of candidates who meet your threshold, it can slow down recruitment. Sometimes you need to work with the candidate market and start to interview people with lower scores
    1. A surplus of lower ranked candidates could also be a suggestion you are not marketing your role in the right places
  2. If there are a high volume of qualified candidates, you could be in a scenario where you had to interview, for example, 10 individuals for one role. That is not practical
  3. Each role should be judged individually and with added nuance and experience driven by the hiring manager. As you use the platform for more roles and candidates, you will begin to get a feel for where a natural ‘cutoff’ may fall for a given role. Trying to predefine that up front might be too restrictive or too relaxed