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We are proud to announce the launch of our unique AI-driven teams functionality, Thomas Perform One, which enables customers to use market-leading people insights to increase collaboration and productivity within their organization.  

There are numerous forces at play in the workplace, each is becoming more complex and ever more difficult to resolve: 

  • Hybrid working continues to challenge interpersonal connections, 
  • Employee expectations have been reset, 
  • There is a skills shortage that’s driving a focus to the development of internal talent, 
  • AI is redefining the very nature of work. 

Talent is a company’s greatest asset and, in most cases, their biggest investment. For nearly 70 years, research has shown that connected teams are 25% more productive. So, why has this not had more attention? Well, despite an array of alternative approaches, from training, coaching, and many different software ‘solutions’, nothing has been found to target the root cause of team disconnection. Until now.  

Thomas was one of the first companies to bring people science to the commercial sector” comments Luke McKeever, CEO at Thomas. “Our science is differentiated in two ways: The robustness of our scientific methodology, developed over 40 years with millions of validations, is trusted, accurate, and most importantly, fair irrespective of gender, age, ethnicity, and geography. Coupled with the constructive, accessible nature of our content that has been many years in the making. This unique combination, available globally, lays the foundation for every employee to embrace the power of people science in guiding their everyday working style, team interactions, personal development, and long-term career ambitions.” 

At Thomas, our vision is to help guide individuals daily - irrespective of position, team, and responsibilities.​ Everything we do is focused on helping every individual navigate and succeed across all interactions at work, regardless of the setting​.​ We refer to this category as “Team Interaction Optimization”, or TIO as we like to call it. A category that has already been validated by the unprecedented demand seen ahead of launch, with many new customers already onboarded through our BETA program. 


We are confident that by equipping every employee in this way, we will establish a new way of working that meets both the needs of the individual as well as delivering on the aspirations of the businesses that employ them through the enablement of higher-performing teams.  


Gareth Jones, Chief Product Officer at Thomas, commented, “these new capabilities are just the first step in our unique approach to transforming work for the future. We are turning the traditional approach on its head by putting the individual at the centre, democratizing insights, and giving everyone a new superpower of understanding themselves and others. This in turn drives exponential improvements in individual and team performance. We know how hard it can be to effect change, so our solution has been designed from the ground up, for rapid adoption and ease of use, powered by the very best people science.”  

 Hear all about it from our CEO Luke

Reach out to your CSM to find out more about this new functionality and how you can benefit.  

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