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Here we discuss all things DE&I. Have you started a new initiative that is really working or have a question about how other businesses are running things? This is the place to ask!



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    Our Global Training Director- @Kira van Niekerk shared the below model which should help:

    1. Identify:
      • Start by identifying the goals and objectives of the team-building workshop. Understand the current dynamics within the team and any potential challenges related to inclusion. This can include a survey ahead of time to collect this info.
    2. Diversify:
      • Design activities and exercises that encourage participation from all team members, regardless of their background or personality. Think of the different communication styles of the team  - do some people love chatting while others may prefer some quiet time to process and then talk?
    3. Educate:
      • Include educational components in the workshop that raise awareness about diversity, inclusion, and unconscious bias. You can also focus on the importance of psychological safety here.
    4. Act:
      • Incorporate interactive discussions and encourage team members to reflect on their own biases and commit to taking concrete actions to promote inclusivity within their teams. How will they incorporate what they have learnt about each other's profiles and characteristics into their daily work?
    5. Lead:
      • Model inclusive behaviours as a facilitator of the workshop / manager. Create a safe space where all voices are heard and respected and feel comfortable on calling out behaviour that may hinder that safety. If this is difficult to do at first, then practice calling in - reaching out to the individual after the session to provide constructive feedback.