March Question Of The Month - Unconventional use cases

Holly Martin
Holly Martin Administrator Posts: 28 admin

Hi everyone,

We're ready to kick off March with a new question and opportunity for you to earn some badges and points while getting to know your peers! So,

What's one unconventional use of our assessments that you've found to be surprisingly effective?

Maybe you've used it around the office for fun or been creative during developmental conversations. We want to hear! Get creative and share a practical use case -- all ideas and thoughts welcome!



  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Member Posts: 4 Collaborative Contributor 🔗

    @Holly Martin As a parent, I have used the profiles to help my kids find their way in life, which has been especially useful in terms of helping them understand why they respond to certain situations in the way that they do. It's also useful to help them understand what are the energy drivers and detractors for them in terms of work/role content. My experience is that many young folks, especially in the digital generation, lack the important social interactions that happened outside of Instagram and snap chat! Historically these helped shape you as a person and help you understand who you are. People science can bridge that gap somewhat and can be very powerful if applied early on in life.