Quick Introduction's to Our Platforms

Holly Martin
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At Thomas, we offer two platforms: Thomas Hub and Thomas Perform. If you're unsure which one you're using, we've provided concise descriptions and visuals for each below. This will help you quickly identify your platform and navigate our community more effectively.

Thomas Hub

The Hub is our classic web-based platform that supports recruitment, development and coaching. It enables customers to assess candidates, compare them to job roles, download PDF reports, send 360 feedback requests, and more.

Thomas Perform

Thomas Perform is the next generation Thomas platform, offering deep insights into your people across the entire talent journey. Designed to put the power of people science into everyone’s hands, its intuitive platform makes it easy to create simple but effective psychological profiles for job roles, match candidates and understand how to effectively onboard, manage and motivate them.

If you're still uncertain, please feel free to reach out via our support function or contact your dedicated CSM directly.