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We're thrilled to have you in the Thomas Together Community. This is YOUR space to connect with people from all over the globe who are dedicated to enhancing their operations with the power of Thomas’ tools.

To get you up to speed and connected with others, complete the orientation checklist below and earn some badges along the way!

1) Personalize Your Profile

Upload a profile picture and customize your profile to let others know about your professional background, interests, and expertise. (Note: Only logged-in members can view each other's profiles).

While editing your profile, you can also adjust your notification settings to suit your preferences.

2) Introduce Yourself

Get to know other members in the Community and take a minute to introduce yourself in the Quick introductions discussion. Not sure what to say?  Tell us where you’re from, your industry, how you use Thomas, how you’re hoping to use it in the future, or even your hobbies and interests. Bonus points if you include a photo!

3) Personalize Your Experience + Follow Topics

Make sure you don’t miss discussions and insights that interest you - explore our full list of topics here.

In order to get the best possible platform experience, we recommned following at least 2 topics (but please pick more if you like!)

To follow a topic:

  • Visit the Topics list and select one that interests you.
  • Click the bell icon to see a drop-down menu.
  • Choose Follow to receive updates on this Topic.

You can always adjust your notification settings in your profile to stay informed.

4) Explore Our Resources

Dive into the heart of Thomas knowledge in our Resources section. Here, you'll find comprehensive blogs, detailed how-to guides, and insightful case studies to enhance your understanding of Thomas' tools.

5) Participate in Discussions/Ask a Question

There are numerous ways to get involved. Search the Community for Topics, browse the Topics for questions and posts, filter for unanswered questions, or click the tags to see collections. Once you’re comfortable, start asking and answering questions. 

To ask a question, click Ask a Question on the right side of the Community page. If you don't require an answer but instead want to discuss best practices and share your insight, click on the arrow to Start a Discussion

Remember, your active participation makes the Thomas Community a richer and more valuable resource for everyone. We look forward to your contributions!