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Holly Martin
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Hi there,

Get to know other members in the Community and take a minute to introduce yourself in the comments below. If you're feeling at a loss for words and need a little inspiration, tell us where you’re from, your role, how you use or hope to use Thomas Talks, and a fun fact or two about yourself. We love to learn about your interests and hobbies! Bonus points if you add a photo!

I'll start. I'm Holly, part of the community team here at Thomas. I'm also interning as an AI marketing specialist, delving into all things AI and exploring how it could potentially enhance our marketing operations. I live in Buckinghamshire (where our HQ is based) and have recently graduated from the University of Brighton. If you haven't already, Brighton is a must-visit!

Now it's your turn. Comment below ⬇️


  • SusanS
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    Hi community

    I'm a Psychometrist based in Somerset West, Cape Town. I have a small practice and work with associates all around the country. I also provide coaching and development, and work closely with a trainer associate to provide soft skills training and development.

    As a SIOPSA committee member, acting as part of the voice for Psychometrists at various levels and spaces, I try to make a difference within this space.

    I'ma also a wellness Counsellor, registered with ASCHP, and hoping to use the TEIQue as the baseline for conversations in coaching and employee wellness.

    Looking forward to being part of this community.

  • Sorina
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    Hi Susan! I found the TEIQ an excellent start for coaching sessions. Also I have an ICF coach as client who is considering that TEIQ, PPA and the 360 is the ideal combination for a qualitative coaching program!

  • SusanS
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    Nice to know, thanks Corina:)

  • Elcke
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    Hello lovely people!

    I am Elcke, a trainer at Thomas, qualified as a research psychologist and psychometrist here in Pretoria, South Africa.

    I have worked at Thomas for almost a year now and am thrilled to be part of an organisation that is in such an interesting phase in its lifecycle, where groundbreaking innovation and creativity are front and centre, but also an established reputation in the market is being upheld and grown at the same time. As a business owner myself, this is really inspiring stuff!

    I love working as part of a truly global team (see Claire's photo of the awesome Training team above), and also getting to "meet" people from across the globe in our training sessions on a regular basis. Training on our tools is just as much a learning experience for me as it is for our delegates, and that is an aspect of my job that I'm truly grateful for - ALWAYS learning!

    In my spare time, I can be found researching ways to create more spare time, hiking, torturing myself at the gym, singing in front of my piano or guitar, reading (war novels and classics, mostly), or goofing around with my 3-year-old! 😜

    Excited to connect with fellow professionals on this platform - high I and Curiosity over here, so please feel free to reach out (both friendly banter and intellectual sparring highly welcomed)! 😁